About Cedric Saga

Cedric Saga - The story of a man
A place of yearning is one where you go to find yourself. For Cedric Saga, singer and songwriter from Hamburg, that place is Norway. With its wild and romantic landscape, this most Nordic of all Scandinavian countries has laid itself like a canvas over the artist’s soul and has inspired Saga to write his songs.
Saga’s songs tell stories. Tales of encounters experienced on his travels through the wide expanse of Norway.  Stories that translate sadness and forlorn emotions into musical experiences, freeing him from the scars that life has left behind.
Driven by mysticism and melancholy (I’m here, but you're not there / Broken hearts are everywhere / Broken hearts are hard to love – “Don’t You See the Light?!”), but often with the open, upbeat optimism of a pop song (Hey you there, dancing on the floor / Hey you, what can I do you for? / Hey you, can I buy you a drink? – “The One”), Saga’s music rings of pure Nordic indie folk. His songs run the gamut of warm, soulful ballads to catchy, rousing melodies and energetic sound explosions. What makes Saga particularly compelling as an artist is his voice. Its range and honesty, along with Saga’s lyrics and instrumentation, allow each song to come whole. A born baritone, Saga does not shy from letting his voice soar to soulful heights. Sometimes, his vocals are delivered with crystalline clarity.  Sometimes, they pack a powerful punch.

To experience transformation and explore these depths of emotions, Saga had to break out of his comfort zone and leave his hometown and the big city of Hamburg behind. (Keep on driving, Mr. Whitebeard / Just take me far away – “Mr. Whitebeard”) Losing himself in the loneliness of Norway, Saga found himself anew. It was the open and relaxed mentality of the Norwegians that convinced him to make a second home in Bergen. He lived, worked and played music there for several years. Even today he keeps returning (Heading back to our place by the waterline, where long-forgotten dreams come back to light – “Sleepwalking”).
Attending a Cedric Saga show, or booking him for one of his special home “sofa concerts”, means an evening filled with honest and personal stories – a real sound experience. And if you listen carefully, you’ll hear the far reaches of Norway resonating in the chords.